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Shri. Dattatraya Dhankawade

Mayor, Pune

Mahatma Gandhi envisioned that Education can help to curb Social insecurity and disharmony. Though the administration is committed to impart quality education and implement the Right to Education Act 2009, there are many challenges like low enrollment, dropouts of children, especially from the vulnerable and economically weaker sections of the society.

We have to commit ourselves to working in partnership with social organisations, corporate, Civil society in order to achieve the mission of establishing a quality and responsive education system for the twenty-first century. It is in this background that Pune Municipal Corporation has taken this initiative to launch the website. The effort has been to identify need based gaps which can be bridged jointly to meet the goal of quality education to all.

It gives me great pleasure to say that many private organisations have come ahead and expressed their interest to help us bring this change. CSR For Schools will provide them the channel to participate transparently and effectively. This can be a beginning of a new era for education in the city of Pune and I look forward to achieving new horizons through this program. I sincerely hope that all of us will work together and set a new example for all to follow. My best wishes!

Mr. Kunal Kumar

Pune Municipal Corporation.

A majority of students from economically weaker sections of the society in urban areas study in municipal schools. In Pune alone, the Pune Municipal Corporation runs 348 schools catering to the needs of more than one lac students in the city. There is an urgent need for municipal schools to improve in terms of Access, Equity, Quality and Community Participation. Moreover, creation of a quality and efficient schooling environment in the city is also a vital responsibility of the Municipal Corporation under the Right to Education Act, 2009. The onus to seek civil society participation in this mission is on the Local Bodies as per the RTE Act, 2009.

Civil Society partners have always been very keen to help in this mission. However there is a need to bridge the gap between the Civil Society, the corporate world on the one hand and Municipal Corporation on the other. Today the ambit of the Company law makes Corporate Social Responsibility an important mandate for all Companies. A lot of companies want to invest in improving the standard of education in schools. With a large chunk of India’s population being young, there is a need to nurture this talent right from the schooling stage. Realizing this need companies are ready to partner with the Municipal Corporation in this regard. CSR can provide support where there are gaps in funding in municipal budgets.

However, Irecognize that there are many issues and challenges in the system and hence Companies find it difficult to roll out good projects under CSR. An appropriate channel is needed to identify need-based projects. CSR participants should be allowed to implement them with their own partners in a pre-defined manner. Through this website we have tried to create a platform wherein corporates and civil society at large can understand the pre-validated needs of municipal schools in a lucid manner. This will help enhance the existing quality and volume of CSR in municipal schools. I recognize the need on behalf of the Corporation to help channelize CSR properly in areas where it is needed the most. The need for matching resources to needs cannot be overemphasized. It is in this regard that we have taken an earnest step to project existing gaps in our schools through this website so that resources can flow towards such areas and the gaps can be filled. This platform has been conceptualized and created jointly by the Pune Municipal Corporation and Shyamchi Aai Foundation, a civil society partner who has taken it up as their social responsibility.

I urge each one of you to make use of this platform and join hands with us for a better tomorrow. We will put in our best efforts to make this journey mutually fruitful. I am very glad to dedicate this website to each one of you.

Thanking you and regards !

Ms. Sheetal Bapat

Founder President
Shyamchi Aai Foundation

Shyamchi Aai Foundation is a Not for profit organisation registered under the Section 25 of the Companies Act working in Pune.

Our Philosophy is to bring sustainable development in the society by creating eco-systems which will have minimum administrative expenses and maximum impact.

We believe in creating need and knowledge based Eco-systems which can be scaled up so that each member of the society can contribute directly to the end user in a structured way.

Collaboration , we feel is the MANTRA of today if we want to achieve a sustainable impact.

Hence, you will see that all our projects run mostly on organised volunteering , collaborations with the Government, Corporate , Ngo’s and Individuals . Technology also plays an important role in our projects.

CSR for schools is our humble effort to create a solution to the problems that we encountered during our journey of implementing our Aptitude testing and Career Guidance programme in PMC Schools.

We realised that like us, there were many other Corporate and NGO’s who were so eager to help in the field of education. We also realised, that there are many officials within the education system who realised the importance of support from civil society to strengthen the system.

However, what lacked is a point of contact where one can understand exactly what the needs of each school are and implement projects smoothly.

This resulted in a lot of time and energy loss on both sides. What concerned us most is that despite the will and intent from both sides, we are losing out precious time to reach out to our joint end beneficiary, OUR LITTLE CHILDREN.

Hence, Shyamchi Aai Foundation’s Founder Directors - Bharat Desadla, Sandeep Mahajan, Myself , and our SAF team thought that this might be a very innovative solution .

It may or may not work, but definitely is worth giving a try.Hence we decided to start CSR for Schools as a self funded project of SAF.

We started work last December and are very happy to have received a very positive response from all the sections of Pune Municipal Corporation.

We would like to place on record our sincere thanks to Mr. S.Chockalingam - Commissioner Education, Mr. Dattatreya Dhankawde– Pune Mayor, Mr. Kunal Kumar- Commissioner PMC, Mr. Rajendra Jagtap - Addl. Commissioner PMC, Mr. Baban Dahiphale– Shikshan Pramukh , Mrs. Meenakshi Raut – Shikshan Adhikari Madhyamik.

This project has received a lot of help in implementation from Mr. Ravi Chaudhary – Ex. Chairman Shikshan Mandal, Mrs. Shubhangi Chavan – Upashikshan pramukh prathamik, All the Supervisors and Principals of the Schools.

This was a very modest effort made by all of us at SAF and the team has worked very hard on it. We are aware that there will be many challenges and scope of improvement but this is the beginning.

We dedicate this project to the city of Pune and its culture of embracing all that has a good intent.

We hope that all of us join hands and reach new horizons.