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Who can Contribute

School Education has probably been one of the favoured areas of corporate bodies for CSR programs due to the sheer effect it can have in moulding the future generations. Many companies have been running sustained CSR programs in the field of education.

This project is an ideal way of spending your CSR money as it complies with all the prerequisites of being approved as an CSR spent.
  • There is a clear need analysis.
  • A Formal MOU with the PMC CSR Cell for a period of 3 or more years.
  • Regulated implementation and monitoring of the project through your own implementation partners.
  • Tangible impact assessment parameters.
  • Sustainable development due to Public Private partnership.
Can scale up their best practises in these schools based on the need identified.
There is a lot of intent in Social clubs and Individuals. This platform will help them identify schools and their specific needs in the neighbouring area and contribute meaningfully.
The media can support this initiative as this is a Pune based mission to bring about a change in all the Government schools. You can play a major role in spreading the word and also promoting success stories.